The BASE System Software Training

We know how training can make a major difference in helping your company become more efficient and productive in as short amount of time as possible. We provide training from the very start of the installation of our system with you. We have a number of experienced trainers who are very effective with helping your staff become familiar and productive with the system. During installation and implementation of the system, we provide: All of this will provide your company and staff a smooth start with the new system. Also, as part of the Wellington-Royce Software Support we offer to customers, we provide specific training classes at our home office facilities in Atlanta, Georgia at various times at no additional charge. The customers are responsible for their own travel expenses. The training is on various functions and specific applications of the software.  Additional training is also available on-site or over the Internet on a fee basis.

Training Methods

Wellington-Royce BASE System training can be provided through several methods.
Training Topics

We provide complete training in a number of software areas. Our objective is to help your company and staff receive the most benefit out of your software and hardware system. We've structured a number of training curriculum and continue to add to it as customers' needs expand.

Wellington-Royce BASE System Applications
We provide training on all of the Wellington-Royce BASE System applications. Our various trainers have 20-25 years of software training experience. We know that users need thorough, effective training to be able to get the most benefit from their software. We provide it in easily understandable training sessions that can be targeted to specific applications or to overall system usage. This includes hands-on training for the users, which is how they learn most effectively.  We're here to help you create the best possible advantage for your company as a BASE System user.

IBM System i Server System
The Wellington-Royce BASE System runs on the IBM System i Server, a small but powerful and stable computer that is the flagship of IBM. Its speed, performance, and reliability is why our customers are able to do fast, efficient processing with minimal downtime. Many of our customers run 24x7 operations and cannot afford to have the system down. Those companies who have to rely solely on a PC network server know the frustration that's experienced when "...the server is down again". We have customers who have had NO downtime on their hardware for 5-6 years. The stability, performance power, and functionality of an IBM System i Server can give your company dependable, reliable support for the BASE System. Because of the secure architecture of the System i Server, customers don't have to worry about viruses damaging it or hackers getting into it. There's never been a case of a virus or a hacker getting into a System i Server.  Its relational database multi-function design adds an enormous degree of processing capability for your users. Our IBM Server training is offered for both the non-technical end user as well as for those companies with their own in-house Information Technology personnel. Our trainers have a depth of experience with the IBM Server systems since IBM introduced them in 1988.

We Know How Important User Training Is!
Wellington-Royce is committed to providing the most effective and productive on-going training possible for our customers. We know that training can quickly improve efficiency within an organization while reducing user frustration at the same time. We look forward to helping you improve your own productivity and bottom line.
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