Technical Service and Support

Another benefit of using the Wellington-Royce BASE System for your company's business is that you will not need an in-house technical support staff. That immediately eliminates the overhead costs of personnel on-site. Our staff is qualified to provide any technical support the BASE System software, hardware, or operating system requires. We  are IBM Certified on their server systems. We can help maintain your system or help you design and customize a system that is unique for your business operations.

Hardware/Software Installation Services

Wellington-Royce provides a comprehensive suite of installation and quick-start services for initial customer installations. Post-installation configuration changes are also available as well as system upgrade support.

Initial Installation Support

For your system installation, Wellington-Royce will provide on-site service to insure your hardware and software implementation is completed smoothly and accurately. Your system will be configured for your company's needs and user environment. We insure your system is fully functional and all user's PCs have been tested. This includes printers, network, and Internet access if that is your set-up.

We will also provide guidance and assistance for you throughout the entire installation process. That includes helping you set up the optional features you choose to use in the software. Each application has tables that are user-defined to provide you the most flexibility. We also offer conversion services for your data, if you wish, to help you make a smooth transition from your current system. This includes transferring your data into each of the following:

Our objective is to enable your end users to perform productive work as soon as possible. Our system is very flexible, so those customers who desire a highly customized system may only need to change set-up options in our software.

Initial Training

A minimum of eight days of initial training will be provided at the customer's site when the system is installed. This training is designed to insure the customer's ability to immediately use and maintain the Wellington-Royce BASE System, the IBM Server, and attached workstations and PCs.


We provide an implementation plan for scheduling the various phases of moving from installation of the hardware and software to being completely "Live" on the BASE System. Actual scheduling will be determined at time of order and will take into account equipment manufacturer's lead-time, customer company size and requirements, Wellington-Royce personnel availability, number of end-users, and customer schedules.
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