The Wellington-Royce BASE System
Business Aviation Software Engine

The Wellington-Royce BASE System is a full-function, completely integrated software solution that allows a General Aviation facility to run their entire business operation with a single system. Because the system is fully integrated, any data keyed into the software immediately moves to update other appropriate applications within the system. Your users can enter transactions into the software for work orders, fuel sales, parts orders, charter/aircraft management trips and other revenue areas. The system will then automatically apply any discount pricing you have set-up and then update Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Sales Analysis, and General Ledger. There are also a large number of reports that are available throughout the system. The diagram below gives a view of many of the BASE System applications available. You can select a number of modules based on your business requirements or growth.

The BASE System is extremely flexible. You can set-up the system to run your business in a number of ways. This means you can easily adapt the system as your business grows or changes. You make the decisions as to how you want your accounting, administrative processes, maintenance, line service, and inventory to work. This also provides management and executives the capability to make quick decisions based on real-time information. We are confident you will find the system completely dependable to run your business.

The BASE System consists of a series of applications that are fully integrated in the system. They are also available as separate applications according to the operation and needs of your company. Following is the full Wellington-Royce BASE System.

The BASE System - Core Applications (Details of these applications are on our 'Applications' web page)

Line Service - Point of Sale

Job Costing / Work Orders

Inventory Management

Purchase Order

Order Entry

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Payable

General Ledger

General Features of Additional BASE System Applications To Help Improve Your Business

Charter / Aircraft Management will create the billing and expenses for trips and automatically update Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable in the BASE System. Additionally a Trip Reconciliation Report itemizes billing and expenses by Trip Leg and includes the Owner payback amount for a managed aircraft.  A Company/Facility set-up feature in the BASE System allows you to generate Profit and Loss Statements for each managed aircraft that can be selected by Aircraft (Tail #).  The software can automatically create multiple invoicing (up to 3 invoices) for Charter Customers, Owners, and Internal billing for company costs for each Charter and Managed Aircraft trip.  This allows you to set-up by Tail # which of those 3 are billed for each line item cost of the trip.

On-The-Ground Services records and tracks all your customer's requests for aircraft, pilot, and passenger services for each of their visits. Using our Electronic Pull-out Board, you can track and view the updated status of services for all aircraft by tail number.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management for marketing to your current customer base or to any imported target market databases. This can be integrated into your customer database for large-scale promotions or specific markets (owners by aircraft make, regional promos, special events, "limited time" specials, and more). Set-up 'Ticklers' for follow-up calls, emails, or contact.

Wireless Fuel Truck System for immediately transmitting accurate fuel sales data from the truck after each fueling directly into the customer's invoice at your line counter. This provides immediate inventory updates and fast ticket closings. Your customers won't have to wait at the counter. Their line counter invoice is ready to close when they get there. You also won't have to deal with inaccurate truck tickets or miskeyed fuel quantities.

Part Number Database (Manufacturer Price Updates) for current vendor pricing for parts sales. These are updated and sent out monthly on CDs to those customers who subscribe to this service.

Budget Detail and Forecasting is interfaced to the BASE System General Ledger. The objective of this application is to be able to budget at the detail level for all the General Ledger account numbers in the BASE System. You can select how you want the spread to be distributed (dollars, percentage, even) among the periods. At the end of the year, you can then update the Budget for the coming year in General Ledger.

Purchase/Services Requests - This requisition application completely automates your company's purchasing process. It will automatically move a purchase request through its appropriate levels of authorization based on dollar amounts. Email notification is automatically sent to the next "Approver" and their authorization is made by encrypted password. When the final authorization is completed, the system automatically creates a purchase order for inventory items and, for the non-inventory items, once the goods or services are acknowledged as received, a voucher (vendor payable) is created in the Accounts Payable application.

Interactive Query for easy and flexible report writing and downloading of data into Excel and other applications.

The BASE System - Superior Features

The Wellington-Royce software, known as the BASE System™ (Business Aviation Software Engine™), completely supports the business and operation needs of General Aviation facilities. The software is completely integrated so that data entry into any part of the system will flow through to the other appropriate applications. The system has Point-and-Click ease of use throughout and "Quick Select" windows for fast selections by your users. Here are only a few of the features the BASE System can provide your company:

Fully Integrated

l You can key data into Work Orders, Line Service, Order Entry, and Purchasing and the system will update that information into inventory, customer account information, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger.

l The BASE System handles the entire flow of data throughout your company's different departments and system applications. You never have to run a report in one application and then have someone re-key that data into another application. An integrated system eliminates time and cost for your company and will provide you immediate information for reports and decision-making.

Contract Pricing

l There is very flexible contract pricing available throughout the system. No more need to keep stacks of "cheat sheets" pinned to the wall to look up customer discounts or item discounts. You can set-up the contract pricing to handle a large number of variations of how you want to provide discounts. After it's set, the system automatically prices according to the set-up. No more wondering if the users are getting it right each time they're pricing for a customer or item. No more having customers upset at the wrong pricing for their discounts.


l Our system has menu security that can be set-up at all levels including by menu option, by application, by functions within an application, by password, and down to individual user level. You can secure users from seeing certain screens, working in certain applications, or being able to change any prior data unless they are authorized. This will eliminate your concerns about people changing line ticket amounts for costs or gallons or discounts, unless you want them to have the authority and access to do so. Users can be secured out of changing the pricing that has been set by management. You can set security so that a user will not be able to delete or make changes to customer's transactions. Security can also protect your inventory valuations by setting it so that no invoicing application will allow a user to change the price of an item unless authorized.

Multi-Selection Reports

l The BASE System is data-rich and provides numerous reports throughout. Reports can be run by a large variety of ranges and by specific selections such as location #, customer #, tail #, order #, invoice #, transaction date, by customer class, by shift, item, warehouse, order type, and more.

l You can run reports and instantly move the data into Excel spreadsheets or other types of data management applications on your PC. Management can click on any one of several icons on their own PC screen to run preset reports they like to see regularly. They don't have to wait till someone builds a report for them.

l Tail numbers can be linked to customer accounts to pull up customer information instantly. Reports can also be selected by tail number.

Parts Sales

l For parts sales, the BASE System has quick and easy look-up functions that give your parts sales personnel instant vendor pricing on their screens while they're on the phone with customers. No more need to check reference catalogues. Our system provides immediate positioning to vendor's parts pricing by their number or description, including superseded parts. These are continually updated.

Fuel Sales

l Fuel sales data will accurately update trucks, meters, tanks, and customer account information. Our system easily handles fuel inventory tracking in tanks in which the fuel is owned by multiple customers.

l While you are on the phone with a customer who's asking for a discount, you can key in their tail number and instantly have their month-to-date, year-to-date, and inception-to-date fuel sales information display on your screen.

l You may have a large customer that fuels regularly with a number of planes but only wants to have 1 invoice per month that shows the line items for each aircraft. The BASE System can provide that type of invoice and customer service. If you have these multiple fuel sales happening at several sites for the same customer, you not only can have the single invoice for the month's fueling activity for that customer, you can have the sales credited to the appropriate sites where the fuelings take place.

l You can have your fuel truck driver key a tail number into a unit in his cab, fuel the plane, and then have the fuel data transmit wirelessly into your line counter where it will automatically open a line ticket. The line ticket will already have the customer information pulled into it by the tail number, all the fueling data will already be in the ticket, and your counter person will be ready to close the ticket immediately or add any additional services or charges the customer has requested. Your counter person can literally be ready to close a customer's line ticket in less than 1 minute after the fuel truck driver has finished fueling the aircraft.

Marketing Tools

l For marketing and sales promotions, the BASE System provides a complete CRM - Customer Relationship Management application integrated into your customer database or into your choice of different databases you create or import into the system. This gives you an organized system to track your marketing to your current customers, aim promotions specifically to pilots, import databases for different markets or groups you are targeting, or set-up "reward levels" for volume sales to customers. All the information is integrated with your customer account records.

Continual Enhancement

These several features and functions of the BASE System are a very small fraction of what our software system can provide for your company and users. We continually add practical functions and applications to the BASE System based on feedback from our customers. These give your users more ways to increase their efficiency and serve your customers better. Our objective is for the BASE System to continue to be the most comprehensive and effective software solution available for a General Aviation facility.

With every BASE System license, the customer is provided complete installation, security tailoring options, User manuals on CD, and follow-up support. The BASE System is also designed with an easy-to-understand training database and detailed on-line HELP text to help users become fast and efficient operators of the software.

Please click on the 'Applications' selection at the bottom of this page. It will take you to the web page that gives a description of the major features and benefits of each of the Wellington-Royce BASE System modules. For more detailed information about our complete system and the individual applications, please contact one of our representatives at 770-395-7400.  We welcome your inquiry about how the BASE System can satisfy your business requirements and improve your results. We look forward to providing you information and scheduling a demonstration of the software for you and your associates.

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