Angie Gentry
Customer Support Manager

Angie Gentry is the Customer Support Manager for Wellington-Royce. Often she is the first person a customer speaks to on the Toll-Free Customer Support Line that is provided for all our customers. That means when a customer calls with any software question, Angie does the primary analysis and then moves the issue to the best resource for a solution. The Wellington-Royce BASE System is designed to be flexible for any customer's needs so a majority of support calls have to do with educating the customer on using the system set-ups or how to change certain indicators so the system delivers the function the customer wants to have. Angie may handle the call herself or move it to other telephone support personnel with instructions on resolving the questions. Or she may designate it as a programming request or a hardware question and move it to the appropriate support personnel.

Angie has been in the General Aviation industry for over 28 years including her last 14 years with Wellington-Royce. She began working at an FBO in Atlanta in 1986. There, she used her computer skills in various departments including shipping, receiving, purchasing, marketing, and creating, maintaining and closing Work Orders.  After its installation, Angie was continually involved with the BASE System software at her site so she has a thorough, working knowledge of the system. She was also involved with the training of the software to other users within the company.

In December 2001, Angie began working for Wellington-Royce and was made the primary Support Analyst in her Customer Support role. Based on her extensive knowledge of the software and her commitment to providing high quality support, she was promoted to Customer Support Manager. She is also one of the trainers in many of the quarterly training sessions that Wellington-Royce customers receive as part of their annual support agreement. Whether on the phone or in a training session, Angie helps customers understand how to use the BASE System more thoroughly.

Angie knows that any software user needs a little humor every now and then to help their day go better so her upbeat 'southern' personality is welcomed by customers who talk with her. Many customers have talked on the phone with Angie for years and they like to get together with her at the training sessions to enjoy their familiar friendship in person. She says that she continually tries to put herself in the customer's place. She knows many of the customers don't have a technical background and she listens to them to help them resolve what she knows can be important user questions. She has a strong, positive personality that the customers enjoy. She thoroughly enjoys training and helping people solve their issues.
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