Gloria F. Barnes

Gloria Barnes is owner and President of Wellington-Royce. She has over 34 years experience as a computer industry professional. Her extensive career includes executive management, sales and marketing, personnel training, systems analysis, programming and business owner.

In 1982, Gloria founded Business Systems Management, Inc., a software development and service organization specializing in IBM mid-range computer systems. She managed the financial and personnel structure of the company as well as its sales and marketing strategies, customer service, and its business relationship with IBM. As an award-winning IBM Business Partner, BSM operated profitably from its inception. In the late 1980s, Gloria and her husband, Jim, CEO of the company, changed the name of the company to Wellington-Royce Corporation.

Gloria's multifaceted career has provided her the opportunity to work with many different types of businesses. Her experience ranges from the investment and operations of start-up companies to having served as the president of a national corporation with ten branch offices throughout the United States. Through her work, she has developed professional insight regarding automation of distribution, manufacturing, service companies, association management, apparel, and other industries. This has added greatly to both her business and management skills.

Gloria's executive skills are complemented by her technical knowledge as well. Her lengthy background in computer technology enables her to expertly determine and manage business requirements from both operational and executive perspectives. As the president of the company, she has a professional commitment to integrity in all areas of her business relationships and the determination to make things work successfully.

As President of Wellington-Royce, Gloria and the other principals of the company made the decision to move their software experience into the aviation industry. They recognized there was not a complete, integrated software system to support the requirements of aviation companies. Their product, The BASE System, was specifically designed for the FBO and General Aviation industry. Over the years, it has evolved into a major foundation of data processing features and functionality to meet a customer's needs. The company's headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia. For over 34 years, Gloria and her husband Jim, have provided executive management and marketing for their software and support company.

Based on requests from customers, the company has continually added many more features to the software to improve the business results of their customers. WRC provides ongoing 800# customer support, technical support and installation, training both onsite at a customer's location and at their Atlanta headquarters. The company also provides custom programming for the customers of the Wellington-Royce BASE System. Gloria's objective is for the company to continue to add even more customer support services and expand the software features of the BASE System so that it continues to be the premier software system for the General Aviation industry.


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