The Top 5 Reasons Why We Can Provide
The Best Software Solution For Your Company


Everyone on our staff knows how important it is for your company and software users to have solid, consistent support. That is our mission, beginning with the planning, implementation, and training phases, to toll-free access of our Customer Support team, and through the ongoing training we provide. Customer support is our major commitment.

"This was probably the easiest and fastest technical support I have ever received from any company or software product. Good Job!! Thanks for putting together a great tech support."



The BASE System is superior software design, fully integrated, and will support both your accounting requirements and aviation business operations. Unlike other software packages, you can not outgrow the BASE System. It will run your complete business. This system is the only software solution your company will ever need.

"We needed a software solution that was enterprise capable, scalable, and flexible enough to support our business operations in our current state as well as our growth for 10 years or more. The BASE System was the answer."



The BASE System will let you run your business the way you want. It's designed throughout with set-ups that you choose to process your accounting, operations, and data flow. Security at all levels, user-selected set-ups for every module.

"We like how flexible the software is and Wellington-Royce continues to improve the system even more. We can set it up the way we want to do business. We also like the regular training they provide. We benefit from that because the system can do a lot."



Many companies have their own requirements for special software processes they need in-house and for vendor or customer transactions. We have highly skilled programmers who can provide custom enhancements to meet your needs.

"Wellington-Royce provides both a good system and superb customer support. They've been very responsive in doing custom modifications for us and helping us meet deadlines."

Finance Manager


Our commitment is to provide the best software system and support to our customers. This enables you to be the most efficient in your operations and the most effective in your performance and service to your customers.

"The BASE System is backed by people who are committed to its success and to the success of their customers. I'm a firm believer that the BASE System will continue to be the best software in the General Aviation industry."

Airport Manager

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